Success stories

Eva Yulzari

Eva Yulzari , after finalizing her Master degree in France, has come back to Cambodia for a second time volunteer experience. Read on to find out more about it.

Mickey Diener

Mickey is one of our most recent retiree volunteers. He tells us about his time volunteering virtually from his home in the United States.

Helen Guan

Helen is one of our recent volunteers who has recently gone back home to Hong Kong after volunteering in Siem Reap. Here is what Helen has to say about her time volunteering in Cambodia.

Charlotte Drake

Charlotte was one of Professionals doing good’s earliest volunteers. In this interview, she tells us about her experience in Cambodia and her drive to keep volunteering.

Dean Burton

Dean was Pdg’s first WordPress web master and virtual volunteer. In this interview, Deans tells us about his experience and his reasons for deciding to volunteer from home.

Marie Rousteau

Marie is a Masters student from France who has arrived to Siem Reap to begin her internship at a food co-op. We sat down with her to get her first impression.

Rubina Jacob

Rubina embodies the ideal Professionals doing good volunteer’s profile with more than eight years’ experience working with corporates as a business analyst…

Jane Price

Learn about our Professionals doing good team members. We interviewed Board Advisor, Jane Price.

Federico Bonatti

How I volunteered in between jobs and helped an environmental organization in Siem Reap create a sustainable marketing plan

Eva Yulzari

“Connecting my passion for Fair Trade and putting it at the service of a Dutch-Cambodian social start-up”

Sarah Thompson

“Working full-time in Cambodia and professional volunteering part-time. How I have managed to do both.”